When to Repair Or Replace a Tire

Tips From The Pros

Flat tires are a fact of life that everyone has to deal with now and then, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make sure you handle a flat as safely and efficiently as possible. One of the first questions to ask yourself when considering a damaged tire can be whether you are going to repair it or replace it. Different types of tire service can come with distinct advantages that can make some options better for your situation than others. Use these tips from the pros at Ace Body and Motor in Des Moines, Iowa, to help you get started.

Should You Repair?

Small punctures and minor damages on a tire can often be repaired to leave you with a good, functioning tire for much less money than it would cost for a replacement. If the damage that has occurred is limited, a tire service may be able to offer repairs. You can also look into some DIY options for fixing tires. Still, these are often temporary fixes that shouldn’t be relied upon for an extended period of time. To restore your tires to their highest level of safety for optimal control, visit a professional!

Should You Replace?

If you’re driving on a spare tire, you should replace it with a higher quality option as soon as possible. Alternatively, if one of your tires has taken serious damage that would be impossible to repair, you might be forced into finding a replacement. Where extensive damage is concerned, the safest option for tire service is often to buy a whole new tire. Our team can help you find the right fit for your car!

Are Your Tires in Good Shape?

As the point of connection between your vehicle and the road, tires can be one of the most critical parts of your car to keep it safe and healthy. If you don’t feel qualified to repair your tires yourself, a good tire service shop can be the next best resource. Safety should always be your first priority, and if the tire has taken a lot of damage, a full tire replacement may be the best route to take. Ace Body and Motor in Des Moines, Iowa, can provide fitting service for your tire needs.

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