We’re Always Learning!

In the automotive business, we see so many interesting things. That’s what makes this business fun and also a constant learning exercise. One thing that makes some of us laugh is when we see people modify or remove a really good, well designed, dependable, long lasting original equipment system and replace it with an aftermarket (so called improved) system that performs poorly or doesn’t last. The sad thing is many times the good original parts get sold dirt cheap or thrown away! The first one that comes to mind is the aftermarket “performance” exhaust systems. We have all seen the numerous times the pickup truck driving down the highway with a loud exhaust system and one pipe swinging loose like an ape from a tree!!! I just shake my head because I know that the factory exhaust system, which is usually one big free flowing, well built, stainless steel, single exhaust system was replaced with two smaller pipe low grade, so called “performance dual exhaust” system and most of the time it will rust out and fall off within three years!! Not only that but they probably threw away the original system that will usually last the life of the vehicle!! With the vehicle manufactures under such strict government standards to meet fuel mileage requirements the factory installed exhaust systems are pretty hard to really improve upon. We had an F-150 at our shop a while back that had the whole exhaust system removed and replaced by a poorly engineered aftermarket system and it was all rusted out and falling off. The owner had thrown away the original system catalytic converters and all. His check engine light was on and would stay on as long as the exhaust system was in poor condition. It cost him thousands to replace it with good parts and make the truck right again!!!

Written by Larry Wieland