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Tire Check

Are your tires keeping you safe? Good tires are the key to safety and control in any conditions. That’s why Ace Body & Motor in Des Moines, Iowa performs tire inspections for all makes and models. We are here to ensure our customers are driving as safely as possible. Ask our ASE Certified technicians to take a look at your vehicle’s tires during your next service at our shop. We’ll ensure they have proper air pressure for optimal fuel efficiency and handling. Did you know air pressure can fluctuate with the seasons? You might need to top the tires off to get better performance. We’ll also check the tread for damage and wear. If we think there’s a problem, we can recommend a repair or replacement. It’s important that your car is running on the right tires for its specifications and that those tires are giving you optimal control and traction. Make sure you’re driving safely with healthy tires today!

Tire Repair

Notice a nail in your tire? Ace Body & Motor might be able to fix it! We perform tire repairs and patches for minor damage, including nail punctures. Visit our facility so our experts can inspect your tire and decide if it qualifies for repairs. If the tire meets all the criteria, we’ll patch the puncture and send you back on the road. A tire repair can save you a lot of money as compared to a replacement, and shouldn’t affect your vehicle’s safety or handling. However, only tires that meet the following criteria qualify for safe repairs:

  • Tire is Not Torn, Gashed, Cut
  • Puncture is Less Than ¼-inch Diameter
  • Tire Has Not Been Repaired Before
  • Tire Meets Safety Standards
  • Damage is Within Tread Area
  • No Significant Loss in Air Pressure

New Tires

If you visit Ace Body & Motor for tire service, the first thing we’ll want to check is if your current tires are fit for continued use. We wouldn’t want to repair a tire that’s unsafe to drive on! Tire tread inevitably wears down, and when it gets too low, you’ll need to replace the tires to protect traction and handling. A new set of tires will grip the road in all weather conditions, giving your car control wherever you travel. If you need help selecting new tires for your vehicle, ask our sales specialists for assistance! We can help you find the right set for your specific make and model and your budget. Call us at (515) 243-7133 to schedule your tire service or simply stop by our shop for walk-in service. We are easy to find at 625 NE 45th Place near I-80 and US-69 in Des Moines, Iowa. Our tire experts look forward to seeing you soon!

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