Smart Cars

All About Smart Cars

Smart cars (Smart Fortwo) are amongst the smallest cars ever sold in North America. The gas-powered ones are one of the best engineered, most trouble free and economical vehicles made. They are also surprisingly safe and fun to drive. I have owned several smart cars for over 10 years now and we have 6 smart loaner vehicles. We have lots of smart car customers that are very happy to have found someone that loves them as much as they do and that loves to work on them as well. People tell us all the time that we can’t find anyone willing to work on their little Smarties. We are that place and we love to make your smart car better than ever!

Smart Car Rally

September of 2022, we had our first smart car rally. Everyone had a blast! It was such a huge hit that we decided to have it our smart car rally annually. We had smart car cookies, smart car t-shirts, a smart car cruise, lunch, smart car trivia, and several prizes. We plan on having our second smart car rally in mid-late September.

Written by Ace Body and Motor

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