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Smart Car Maintenance & Winter Tires

Smart Cars are some of the smallest vehicles on the planet. As a cheap, economical option, there are few alternatives. Maintaining a Smart Car is crucial to its long-term viability and health. At Ace Body And Motor in Des Moines, Iowa, we take great pride in giving your Smart Car the best quality auto care around. For the past 41 years, we have the community as the one-stop-shop for all of your automotive needs.

With Smart Cars, we aim to keep your vehicle running at maximum efficiency. Our team of ASE-certified technicians has the latest in diagnostic equipment and tools. We will complete the service to your vehicle in the most efficient way possible. Below, we’ll tell you some of the major repairs you can expect when you visit Ace Body and Motor.

Smart Car Repair & Maintenance

We love the tiny Smart Fortwo vehicles, especially those manufactured from 2008-2015. How much do we love them? We have several smart cars that we use for loaner cars. Servicing a Smart Car engine is a specialized affair, with services recommended every 10,000 miles. This covers everything from oil changes, oil filter replacements, fuel filter, spark plugs, air filters, and more. To help speed up the repair process, we stock a large supply of Smart Car parts thereby avoiding the order and wait process. In general, Smart Car parts are not easy to find, with the dealer often being the only option to find parts, and even then availability of the needed part could be scarce.

Tires & Transmission

At Ace Body and Motor, we offer wheel and tire combinations that not only enhance the looks of your Smart Car, but also improves the ride and handling. Smart Cars are smaller vehicles, that ride on smaller, skinnier tires than larger vehicles. Winter wheel and tire packages are also available to help increase traction for those that drive and enjoy their Smart Car year round. These vehicles rely on a unique transmission and clutch system to keep those tires spinning. To keep your vehicle shifting at an optimum level, a periodic relearning procedure for the computer system must be performed. This procedure will help ensure a smooth transition between gears, and help prolong the life of your Smart Car.

Upgrades & Parts

We offer several upgrades for your smart car. Some of these upgrades will enhance performance – handling and ride, safety, improved appearance,a better driving experience, and some to improve dependability. We stock tons of smart car parts, including tires and wheels which helps us get you back on the road very quickly.

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Anytime you walk through our doors, you will be treated as a member of our family. With their years of experience, our staff want the very best for you and will work with you on the best course of action on your Smart Car. We continue to strive for 100% customer satisfaction and will not rest until we get there. If you are curious about Smart Car repair or like to go ahead and schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (515) 243-7133. Our shop is located 625 NE 45th Place, just off NE Broadway Ave in Des Moines, Iowa. We can’t wait to get your car driving smart again at Ace Body and Motor!

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