Roll With the Changes (Whether We Like It Or Not) Or Get Left Behind

Computer reprogramming, something that we’re seeing more and more frequently, is when newer vehicles are needing software updates like your PC or I-device.

These software updates are supposed to fix issues that pop up after the new vehicles get into the hands of the public and are put through lots of different problem causing scenarios that the software engineers didn’t think of or simply didn’t have time to discover before the model year was to be released.

Things are changing so fast that software updates have become a really important part of modern auto repair. They can correct things like a rough idle, extended cranking time, and a host of other issues! Long gone are the days of adjusting ignition timing due to low power or poor fuel economy or adjusting a screw to change idle speed or quality. Cars are so full of technology that they are getting to be more like working on a computer than a car in many ways.


Written by Larry Wieland