Road Hazards You Should Look Out For

How Road Conditions Can Affect Your Tires

Understanding what road conditions can do to your tires

While most drivers understand that the condition of their tires can affect their driving experience, not everyone considers how the condition of the road impacts that same drive.

4 Types of Detrimental Road Conditions

Debris: whether due to nearby construction or other issues, items that have fallen out of the back of trucks, trailers, or natural debris from storms can create issues when you drive. It isn’t enough to change how you drive to avoid as much of the debris as possible. Even the most cautious driver can run over a small item, like a nail, causing a puncture in the tire itself. This includes off-road travel, which should be done cautiously if your vehicle is not equipped with the proper tires.

Damaged Roads: When you drive into an area known for flooding, you run into a number of possible issues. Debris beneath low flooding can cause tire punctures, and heavy rains can erode roads quickly, leaving drivers to maneuver through broken parts of the road or along deteriorated edges. This can damage not only your tires, but also the internal structure and associated parts of the suspension or chassis.

Potholes: this seems like a pretty obvious problem, but we all know that sometimes you can encounter an unexpected pothole when making a turn onto another road or into a parking lot. Avoiding them cannot always be done, and the impact, depending on the size of the pothole, can also cause structural damage to both your tire and the internal structure.

Rainy Weather: different from flooding, rainy weather can reduce the amount of traction between your tires and the road. Even the best and newest tires can be impacted if the vehicle is moving too quickly or the driver hits the brakes too hard. This can create the ideal conditions for hydroplaning or unexpected skidding, especially if there is any leftover oil from an older accident or vehicle incident.

Need Tire Repair?

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