Free Tire Rotation?

A friend of mine has been asking me for years why we don’t offer free tire rotations with the purchase of a set of tires.

My response has been this: when you see free anything it only means you WILL pay somehow. The lure of a free tire rotation usually means you WILL be told that you need brakes, tie rod ends, ball joints, sway bar links or bushings, struts, shocks or something that you really don’t need. The so-called free tire rotation could easily cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars!

As I was working on a car today the thought just occurred to me that we really do offer free tire rotations or discounted tire rotations; let me explain. If we are doing a $20.00 tire rotation and we happen to find that your car really does need something that requires the tire(s) removed and you happen to want it repaired while the tires are off, we don’t charge for the tire or tires that had to be removed to perform the repairs.

Common sense should tell you that a business can’t stay in business by doing stuff for free. (Oh how I miss common sense) Another thing to think about is this: how do you think you would be treated when you keep going to a business just for the free part of their service and you never agree to have the services that cost you money done there? I think within a very short time they would put you at the bottom of the list or something worse probably similar to going to a nice restaurant and never leaving a tip, it wouldn’t be long and no one would want to see your face!

To continue doing excellent work and keeping our customer service ratings second to none, we will continue to charge a fair price for what we do and not need to cheat people by performing and charging for unneeded repairs to make up for what we have given away. If you are just looking for “Free” maybe you should stop and think. Is it ever REALLY free?

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Written by Larry Wieland